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American Embassy
Arago Rose Line
Gare St Lazare
Jardins des Tuileries
L'arc du Carrousel
Louvre Museum
Palais Royal
Pont du Carrousel
Saint-Sulpice Church

Da Vinci Code Paris

Mona Lisa

Welcome to Paris of The Da Vinci Code. Dan Brown's thrilling bestseller visits such Paris landmarks as the Louvre Museum, Jardins des Tuileries and L'arc du Carrousel, to name a few. Along with some lesser-known attractions like, Saint-Sulpice church, Pont du Carrousel

This web site was created to help you discover some of the Paris location in The Da Vinci Code. Either as an armchair traveler or in preparation for your trip to Paris or some combination of both, so sit back and enjoy discovering the Paris of The Da Vinci Code.

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