Liurnia Highway North – Elden Ring Guide

By | September 13, 2022

Liurnia Highway North – Elden Ring Guide

This highway is the location of a constant battle between Raya Lucarian Soldiers and Noble Undead. Take advantage of their battle to grab the loot on the

Elden Ring Guide: Where To Go After Liurnia

Elden Ring is dense and such an open world game, that sometimes the best route can be difficult to find. After making it through Stormveil Castle and Godrick the Grafted, then tackling Liurnia of the Lakes and Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon – you might find yourself in a conundrum. Do you take on Caelid and Starscrouge Radahn? Do you head up into the Altus Plateau and attempt Leyndell, the Royal Capital? Or do you yolo your way into Mt. Gelmir? Dave Klein of DaveControl is here to help with a handy route guide to help you tackle the Elden Ring challenges ahead. Here is an Elden Ring guide on the best path to take after Liurnia of the Lakes.


Liurnia: All 3 Map Fragments Location | Elden Ring

00:00 Liurnia EAST Map Location
00:42 Liurnia NORTH Map Location
01:25 Liurnia WEST Map Location

This is the Gameplay Walkthrough of ELDEN RING (2022). This Walkthrough guide will show you Where to find all the 3 Liurnia Map Fragments in Elden Ring. This guide will show you the location of Liurnia North, Liurnia West & Liurnia East Map fragments.

Elden Ring Game Guide:
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Elden Ring The Complete Guide – 034 Liurnia Highway Pt.1 (all items all quests walkthrough)

The Complete Guide Playlist:
Guide Index Based On Regions:

0:00 Title
0:51 Liurnia Highway South (grace)
1:13 Treespear (weapon)
2:06 Two Fingers Heirloom (talisman)
2:11 Shabriri Grape (key item)
2:39 Hyetta (npc)
3:04 Liurnia Highway North (grace)
3:39 Glintstone Craftsman’s Cookbook [3]
3:53 Carian Glintblade Staff (weapon)
4:14 Lucerne (weapon)
4:36 Gate Town Bridge (grace)
4:47 Hyetta (npc)
5:25 Ash of War: Ice Spear
5:33 Ending

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North Liurnia Map Elden Ring

North Liurnia Map location Elden Ring. Elden Ring North Liurnia Map. You can see where to find North Liurnia Map in Elden Ring following this video.



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